Cloud Based Application

Manage your business from anywhere. You just need an internet connection.

Easy To Use

Very easy to use software. You don't any technical skill to use it..

Free Maintenance

You don't have to pay any cost for software maintenance.



Your Dashboard is a powerful tool for managing and monitoring every aspect of your business.

Keeping track of memberships, payments and point of sale becomes a simple task. With access to performance metrics at your fingertips, you can make decisions that help your business grow.


customer subscriptions

This section provides you a list of all the customer subscriptions. It also notifies you in case of any due payment.

You can renew the old subscriptions. You can add the payment for a subscription.


Generate quick

You can now generate invoices for your customers quickly with just one click.

With this feature you can generate and download the invoice or email it directly to the customer.


Quick Check In
Using QR Codes

Just scan and it's done.

It is a simple and reliable solution for automatic attendance tracking.

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Why need Fitsigma?

Attendance Tracking

Manual/Automatic attendance to keep an eye on your customer. Click here to know more.

Manage Enquiries

Handle customer enquiries and follow up to make a good impression.

Send Promotions

Send sms & email promotions to your potential customers.

Mobile App

To have control over the business wherever you are.

Create Offers

Create offers or discounts to attract more customers.

Billing & Invoicing

Receive payments & generate invoices for your customers.

Reports & Analytics

Generate reports & analytics to analyse and grow your business.

Sms Notifications

Send & receive important notifications via sms.

Create Admin Users

You can create more admin users with custom permissions to access limited data.

Take Data Backup

You can download the backup of your data anytime you need.

Upload Old Data

You can easily upload your previous excel sheet data into Fitsigma.

Task Management

Manage your daily tasks and set reminders.

Manage Expenses

Add your business expenses to track where your money is being spent.


Happy Clients


Line of Codes


Cup of Coffee


Working Hours

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